National Provident Fund

To talk to someone about your scheme, phone 0800 628 776

The Board of Trustees of the National Provident Fund (the Board) is trustee of 9 defined contribution and defined benefit superannuation schemes and the Global Asset Trust (GAT), also a superannuation scheme which holds the investment assets on behalf of the 9 NPF schemes. Collectively, the NPF schemes and the GAT are referred to as National Provident Fund (NPF).

The NPF schemes were closed to new members with effect from 31 March 1991.

As at 28 February 2022, there were around 14,554 contributors and pensioners in the NPF schemes.

NPF’s activities are controlled by the National Provident Fund Restructuring Act 1990. The members of the Board are appointed by the Minister of Finance.

The Board’s primary function is to administer the schemes and manage the schemes’ investments in the best interests of the members, taking into account the interests of the employer contributors and the Crown, as guarantor of the benefits payable by the schemes.

Since the early 1990s the Board has outsourced management for schemes administration, investment, custody and investment advice. Day-to-day administration is provided by Datacom Connect Limited. The schemes administrator is overseen by NPF’s management team.

NPF contact details

Telephone:  0800 628 776