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How to send Contributions Data using the I.P.A.R (Instalments Payments And Reconciliations) Method

  1. Sending Contributions Data

    When sending contributions data using the IPAR option, the employer sends an electronic IPAR file by email that enables Datacom to allocate the payments to the correct scheme and to the correct employee.

    The full system specifications for the IPAR file are available.

  2. Send the electronic payroll file to Datacom Connect Limited

    An email with the electronic payroll information (IPAR format) should be sent to Datacom at the same time that the payment is made, to:

  3. Negative contributions

    Negative amounts must not be written to the Payroll Extract.

    If you have an adjustment that needs to be made, you should contact the Datacom Contributions Management Team on 0800 628 776

  4. Take a backup of the data

    It is the employer's responsibility to re supply the most recent payroll information if Datacom receives a file which has unreadable or missing data.

    It's very important that you take a copy of the data before forwarding it to Datacom.

  5. Ensure the IPAR format is correct before sending

    Once your system has been set up to successfully send IPAR batches in the correct format (during the initial live period – see 2.3), it is important to make sure subsequent batches are sent through correctly also.

    Any batches sent through using an incorrect format or data will be sent back to you for correcting.

  6. If you need help

    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Contributions Management Team
    Datacom Connect Limited
    PO Box 1036
    Wellington 6140
    Telephone: (0800) 628 776