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The Board has established Locked-in sections for NPF’s two largest defined contribution schemes, the Pension National Scheme and the Lump Sum National Scheme. The Locked-in sections have the following features:

  1. a tax credit on member contributions; and
  2. compulsory employer contributions from 1 April 2013 of 3% of gross salary or wages.

Further information about the Pension National Scheme and the Lump Sum National Scheme can be found in the Investment Statements, Full Financial Reports and Summarised Annual Reports on the Schemes section.

A brief summary of information relating only to the Locked-in sections, as at 31 March 2019, is given below.

Pension National SchemeLump Sum National Scheme
Market value of assets $ 11,820,000$13,940,000
Number of contributors124150
Number of contributors who joined in the year1-
Number of contributors who left in the year1110

If you have any further enquiries, please contact the scheme administrator, Datacom, toll free on 0800 628 776 or to find out more please see the sections below.

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