National Provident Fund

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As an employer, you need to regularly send National Provident Fund superannuation contribution payments and corresponding data to Datacom, the Scheme Administration Manager, so that funds can be allocated to member accounts.

Here you will find information about how and when these contributions must be sent. Our goal is to ensure:

  1. Members receive funds to their superannuation accounts as soon as possible after the money is deducted from their pay
  2. To make streamlined and automated options available to ensure the processing of contributions is as simple as possible for employers and Datacom

Following are the required business standards to help us achieve the above goals:

NPF Superannuation Contribution Procedures

Contributions and contribution data submitted to the NPF Administration Manager, Datacom, must comply in each of the following areas:

On time

Contributions must be submitted on the day the employee contributions are deducted from your employees’ pay. (Due Date = Pay Date)

Transmitted Electronically

Money- the payment of total contributions must be either by Direct Debit or Direct Credit


Data- Contribution Data can only be submitted through the Datacom Excel template or emailed IPAR (ASCII text format)

Complete and correct

The following is required for all submission methods:

  • Contribution payments and contribution data are required on Due Date
  • Total contributions paid must equal the total on the contribution data submitted

The following requirements relate to the submission method used:

  • Direct Credit referencing must be complete and correct
  • Datacom Excel template format must include valid dates and contract numbers
  • IPAR requires correct formats (a validation tool will be provided)

How To Send Contribution Payments

Employers have two options for sending contribution payments to the Scheme Bank Account. Click on the appropriate link to find out more about each payment option.

  1. Direct Credit
  2. Direct Debit

How To Send Contribution Data

Employers have three options for sending contributions data to Datacom. Click on the appropriate link to find out more about each payment option.

  1. Contributions Excel Template
  2. I.P.A.R